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Eye Vitamins – Your eyes look far and close

Your eyes use the same lens and retina to see distant and close objects, so why some people do well in the distance and cannot see anything closely. Other people cannot see from a distance but they can see ants five meters away. The difference lies in shapes and lesions in the eye. Another factor that affects the distance and ability to focus your eyes is how clean and clean the fluid in front of your retina.

Why your eyes start to fail

When you start to see a little difference in your eye sight, whether it is close or far, now is the time to examine your eye nutrition and blood pressure. Veins and arteries in the eyes are very smooth and thin, they may explode with too much pressure and darken the eye fluid, even if there is no large damage to the fluid loss of clear appearance, so that your retina loses a little light. If you don’t have blood pressure problems or diabetes or something like that, you should start taking eye supplements that contain three important elements, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry and Astaxanthin plus opmega-3 amino acids.

Bilberry has the quality to provide elasticity to blood vessels in your eyes and to regenerate the blue pigmentation needed to filter out blue light in the eye. The blue light is the main factor when trying to see things far away. Blue light must be separated and set aside when your eyes try to focus on small things. Blue light includes, reflex ions from the soil pattern and light in the atmosphere that can change blurred images to your eyes when they don’t have enough pigmentation.

How to keep your eyes clean and clean

Zeaxanthin is an antioxidant that helps keep eye fluid clean and clean. Diseases and diseases cause fluids in the eye around the retina to become clouds and loss of luster and clarity. When this happens, the light absorbed by the retina is distorted or lost between the clouds and the brain does not feel a clear image. Zeaxanthin also helps the eye to regenerate yellow pigments in the retina. This pigment provides protection against yellow light or sunlight. This is also needed especially if you use your eyes during the day on bright bright days.

Astaxanthin is another antioxidant combined with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids help your eyes restore lubrication and watery conditions that they must always have. With watery we do not mean that they must cry permanently but they must always be moist. Astaxanthin helps the eyes absorb vitamin E which in turn feed and maintains optical and coroid nerves behind the retina. This is where the blood vessels enter and leave the eyes. This is a place where communication between the brain and the retina is formed.

These three elements of Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin and Bilberry are truly needed for you to maintain vision and short and short distance focus. They will help preserve your eyes for a long time without the need for glasses.