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Fast facts about Fortune’s High Technology Marketing

Network marketing is a billions of dollars industry worldwide today. Different products and services are offered through this direct marketing system, from weight loss supplements, electronic products, prepaid legal and health care plans, skin care, beauty and welfare supplements. Let’s look quickly, and get closer to see a multilevel marketing based in Lexington, Kentucky, Fortune High Tech Marketing.

What high technology marketing offer

Fortune High Tech Marketing is a network marketing company based in Lexington, Kentucky, and was founded in 2001. The company’s market, through its distributor network, subscribed to dish networks, various health and beauty products, online fitness programs, home and office alarm systems.

company history

The company was founded in 2001 by Paul Oberson. Paul once worked as a top sales and recruiter for multilevel marketing entities that are now not functioning called Excel Telecommunications. Before that, Paul also spent time working as a teacher and secondary school coach, to a sustainable desire to achieve a financially safe future bringing him to the world of attractive but competitive network marketing. This network marketing entity is now estimated at 45,000 independent representatives working in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

How is the company’s compensation plan to work

Fortune High Tech Marketing operates a compensation system where independent representatives or distributors have the opportunity to get a paid commission to use company products and services, as well as to sell them to others. Independent representatives can also get cash incentives from the people they recruit into business opportunities. T becomes an independent representative, a prospective marketer will pay an initial fee of $ 299. The initial fee includes training, training materials, and additional support. `

How to build your business in fortune high tech marketing

To succeed in building a high technology marketing business, you need to regularly promote your website, because the website that is replicated by FHTM is equipped with a system that is designed to give you a very simple way to duplicate lead making and follow -up. The independent distributor website is also equipped with extraordinary presentations, written and designed by experts. What needs to be done by independent representatives is to make more people visit their websites and check opportunities. If you are an active participant in various forums and online message boards, remember to regularly enter your links and email addresses, give it permitted in certain forums or message boards that you activate.

The FHTM representative website also has a database feature, which allows you to easily add members and prospects for your downline, and quickly send an email update as well. The best thing about this system is that you will even know who is opening and reading your email, by entering your names of the prospects into the contact manager, where you label them as “customers”. After you put these people into the contact manager, it will be very easy to send each message, which tells them about special offers or promotional activities. The replicated FHTM website is also equipped with a real-time tin capture page, to allow members to easily corner to their own business.