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The top five tips for protecting your eyes and vision

Loss of your eyesight is not just something that only needs to be worried about parents. Our vision is probably the most valuable of our senses. Do you think you can live the rest of your life without seeing the sunrise or a baby’s smile? So it should not be surprising that most of us are more afraid of losing our vision than other senses.

For almost everyone on this planet, the lifestyle choices they made today directly affect their vision in the future. All that is needed is some small and easy changes in your daily routine. Stop and take time to start some healthy habits. You will immediately begin to reduce the risk of dangerous eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration related to age. Here are five ways for you to protect your vision in the future and keep your eyes healthy as you get older:

Protect your eyes – Did you know that by wearing sunglasses, you can reduce your eye exposure to ultraviolet that damage the eyes? This is a dangerous light that causes the development of cataracts and gradual decreased cells -cell sensitive light in macular, which ultimately leads to loss of vision. Try to buy sunglasses that come with UV protection 99 to 100 percent. Stay on yellow or yellow lenses too because they work the best in filtering dangerous blue light.
Loss of Cigarettes – Recently, the eye doctor found that people who smoke up to four times more likely to develop vision problems than non -smokers. They are also twice likely to develop cataracts in the future.
Eat your fruits and vegetables -vision experts find that lutein and zeaxanthin are found in fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and orange paprika, reducing the risk of eye problems more than a third. This antioxidant works by absorbing dangerous UV rays in your eyes and improving their overall health in maintaining optimal eye function.
Pay attention to your body weight – Being fat or overweight causes hypertension, high cholesterol, and inflammation. These three problems slow down blood flow to your eyes to increase the development of risk cataracts.
Remove Contacts – One of the worst things you can do in your eyes is sleep in contact or store it from a week at a time without removing it. In fact, the use of daily contact is longer than the intended that can cause damage to your eyes. The reason is that things like dirt and bacteria are trapped between contact and your eyes, causing irritation and even infection. It’s okay to sleep in your contact if it is designed for it and under the doctor’s recommendation but instead it is not. The eyes need oxygen and rest and they don’t get when you sleep in it.